Hello! Welcome to my world!

Here you’ll find a little bit about me.

Being a photographer is one of my biggest passions. To me, photographing means seeing the situation exclusively, in my own way, where I use the best I have inside me. It’s traveling through emotions and experience the beauty of the moment in each click. Photographing is not only the simple act of registering, but also developing the look and surrendering to the environment to capture the sensibility and the emotion through the lens.

I’m a graduated in Photography and post graduated in “Cinema, Video and Photography”. Besides having a different view to capture and reveal exclusively your unique occasion, I know the relevance and importance that must be given to each registered picture because we are talking about your moment, which is delivered in a special and privileged way.

That’s my style. I’m an integral part of the environment and of everything I photograph, like weddings, birthdays, portfolios, pregnancies, children and even of the products I register in my studio. Honestly, registering moments it’s a complex and delicate job, but extremely pleasant! I always do my job with affection and dedication, delivering the “frozen” instants to the client.

Photograph: “Weapon of love, justice and knowledge, traveling through the seven parts of the world, surprising the stormy life of the man and letting the hope rise from ashes”. If Carlos Drummond de Andrade defines it that way in his book “Amar se Aprende Amando”, I really have to delight myself with this weapon and wish all the pictures to be for love!